E.M.C. COLOSIO produces lampholders, cables and A WIDE VARIETY OF components for lighting FIXTURES.

The company has been recognised on the worldwide market as undisputed leader for the accurate engineering and the production of very high quality, innovative and technically avant-garde products.
Following the latest evolution of the market, E.M.C. Colosio extended its offer with services to cooperate with clients, in order to develop customized products, especially when it is necessary to improve the engineering of some components and, in particular, when there is the need of solutions involving different technologies that constitute the internal know-how of the company. All of this is reached with a constant commitment to find original and reliable solutions. 

Sensitive to the modern needs of the market, E.M.C. Colosio aims to improve constantly the efficiency of the offered service. The latest example of this attitude is the creation of the first worldwide configurator to define the harnesses of the cables, the plugs and the connectors - “Configurator-E” –

The company works according to ISO 9001 (2000) quality system and most of its products are certified with Enec approval, for European market, UL / UR approval, for North-American market and CQC to export to China.
E.M.C. Colosio is member of CEI - Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano (Italian Electrotechnical Committee) - and takes part at the technical commissions to discuss about norms regarding lampholders - lamp caps and lighting fixtures, is member of ASSIL (Italian association of lighting producers) and since 2005 member of INDICAM to combat the menace of product and trade-mark counterfeiting.
Since many years the company has been fighting to make aware the trade sector in which it acts of an ethic behaviour, of the use of original products and of the products realization in conformity to the applicable standards.


Ethic behaviour means:
•  fair competition
• customer respect
• competitor respect
• supplier respect
• do not copy other’s products
• place on the market safe products
• give material source
• give the user clear end exhaustive information about the sold product

All this could be summarised with “VII You shall not steal”.



To realize original products, it is not enough that the shape is different, but also that the adopted technical solutions and the applied components are themselves original.
The owner or the management of the company has the difficult task to make his staff aware of this target in order to avoid that the decisions are taken under the misleading circumstance that “something shall be cheaper”.



Production in conformity of the standards. To realize safe products to be place on the market:

• fair competition (on the contrary it would be unfair competition)
• increase the average quality level of the market in order to enhance the non-conforming products

Foundation of E.M.C. Colosio
Obtaining of IMQ, VDE, SEV and SEMKO approvals
Lampholders R7s for class II
Very low tension lampholder G4 with one-piece body and self-retaining contacts with built-on cable-crimp
Very low tension universal lampholders G4 GX5,3 G6,35 GY6,35 with steatite one-piece body, self-retaining contacts with built-on cable-crimp and pushing-contact springs
Obtaining of UL and CSA approvals
Multi-conductor transparent cables
Very low tension lampholder GU5,3
Obtaining of the ISO 9001 system approval
Rigid protection for the lamellar-spring covering of the lampholders R7s and RX7s
Transparent plugs, European 2,5A and Schuko 10-16A
Protection against the accidental contact for lampholders R7s and RX7s
Lampholder G9 in one-piece steatite body, miniaturized, class II, with external fixing systems, versatile and modular by springs
Joints with independent moveable head
Lampholder G12 and GX12-1 in steatite , miniaturized, class II, T300°C, with unbreakable bayonet external fixing
Obtaining of Vision 2000 certification system
Lampholder G9 in one-piece steatite body, miniaturized, class II, with 4 ways snap-in contacts
Lampholder GX8,5 with built-in cable-clamp and versatile aesthetical cover
Lampholder GX10 with built-in cable-clamp
Lampholder PGJ5 miniaturized, class II, with versatile and modular fixing systems
Spring for quick hooking of G9 lampholder in cylindrical housing
Lampholder GU6.5 miniaturized, class II, with versatile and modular fixing systems
Obtaining of the CQC certification
Clamp connecting device with selector of the phase
Adapters with Edison screw bases combined with PGZ12 and PGZ(X)18 lampholders
Creation of the first worldwide configurator to define the harnesses of the cables, the plugs and the connectors - “Configurator-E” –
"Insula_dei luminari" installation at the Ca 'd'Oro in Venice for the 12th edition of the Venice Design Week in collaboration with architects Stevan Tesic and Milena Veljkovic
The fund Arcadia Sgr becomes a shareholder of E.M.C. Colosio